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Crooked Cartoon is proud to annouce Series 2014! A unique print run of T-Shirts and Art Prints released monthly, hand drawn and screened by me in the studio and very limited!

Each T-Shirt will feature unique screen printed packaging and become available... well whenever they're finished! All i can say is by the end of this year there will be 12 screen-printed t-shirts and 12 art prints- all of which i have poured a lot of thought into.

You can peruse the current monthly designs on the left and as they become available i will be sure to sing it from the high heavens via the News section and my Facebook page. Packaging and promotional material can be found below.

All t-shirts & prints are available from my BigCartel and Etsy store. Chances are likely they will be stocked in certain print shops around Manchester, but since each run is limited they will be sold here first.