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Autumnal Update

7th of November, 2014 at 11.50am

It's been awhile since i updated this part of the website! Seems to of been left derelict for half a year now..

Some new hefty machinery has been added to the room and it's brightening up in here. Recent jobs for Alibi Clothing, Fair T's and Buddha Clothing have gone fantastically well, the images can be seen on the Facebook page for Crooked Cartoon which is a much more well kept news feed than this section. They're unfortunately not in the gallery on this website due to my lack of a decent camera.

Design and Illustration work is going well for Series 2014, nothing printed or released as of yet. i intend to build up some form of backlog of artwork, print them all in one frenzied week and release it all for sale at one point early/mid next year, hopefully with a big exhibition extravaganza or something similar in the engine room of the Mill.

That's my regular news update on here complete, stay tuned! Or Facebook is a bit more reliable for keeping up to date with the goings-on of myself and Crooked Cartoon.

- Alex, CC